Contour Abs Belt Review -What Is What Can You Get From The Contour Abs Belt?

Published: 01st December 2009
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The Contour Abs Belt is an ab belt that is designed to help you obtain six-pack abs. This ab belt drives electrical impulses into your midsection muscles which is suppose to simulate doing crunches or sit-ups. Can this ab belt really deliver the results you are hoping for using this technique?

The drawback with the Contour Abs Belt is that it may not provide enough of a exercise to yield you the effects you want. The ab belt only concentrates on doing one type of ab workout. If you wanted a workout that should help raise muscle strength then this might not be the appropriate product to use. Another snag the Contour Abs Belt has is it doesn't discuss about any diet products. Diet is manditory if you're going to burn off weight and get your body fat percentage down to see your abs.

Getting your body fat percentage below 8% for men and 14% for women gives you a better prospect of seeing your abdominal muscles. The body saves a fantastic amount of energy and fat in and around the stomach for a good number individuals and if you don't get your body fat percentage low enough you're not going to get rid of this stubborn abdomen fat. Having a respectable diet and a cardio workout is manditory to getting rid of this type of flab. This is a major drawback to the Contour Abs Belt.

The FDA has approved this ab belt but it does not support any claims that this product may make. The FDA only approved this product because it does deliver a workout. Minimal at best but it still offers a workout. Something to consider?

You don't need products like this to get a six-pack. Ab machines like this are dime a dozen and there are groups of people out there eager that Ab machines like this, the Contour Abs Belt, will give them the body that they fancy. Developing a beach body is not as easy as wrapping a belt in and around your waist. When you use the Contour Abs Belt you're really shocking your abs. This belt sends electrical impulses, in the form of electrical current, into your midesection in order to get abs to flex. Doing this can be very uncomfortable and downright painful for some people. Are ab belts like the Contour Abs Belt a dying technology?

Now don't give up hope because you can still get the help you need and more. When you compare the Contour Abs Belt to the number one online abs program you will see why ab belts don't deliver the right workout you need.

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